Must-Read Interior Design Wall Art Tips For An Impressive Living Space

Must-Read Interior Design Wall Art Tips For An Impressive Living Space

Don't know what to do with empty walls in your home? Do you need some excellent interior design wall art tips? Well! You are in the right place!

In this article, we share and explain clearly the best wall art decor ideas that are practical for both amateurs and experts. Follow them and start refreshing your living space!

Benefits Of Interior Design Wall Art Decor - Rule Of 3 And Power Of 9

Interior design is not just placing art items or images on the walls. You have to consider setting up all the wall art items strategically and creatively to give inspiration in the room.

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With many experts, wall art decor is also a way to tell a story. The images they choose, the decoration styles, and the arrangements on the wall, all combine to deliver a hidden message.

Wall arts also work with room space. They create effects that help open space in small rooms. On the other hand, some creative arts can hide the blank areas in large rooms.

The rule of 3 is a common practice of grouping art items. Following this rule, you will combine a set of 3 images or items into simple interior design themes. This rule is practical for both beginners and experts to use.

In many cases, wall arts can also leave strong impressions and dramatic impacts on the living space. Instead of combining 3 images, the designers combine 9 to create more substantial effects. This idea is common in business. Experts consider it as a great way to ingrain and advertise.

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Apply Colors In Rule 60-30-10 To Make Wall Art Decor More Attractive

Consider what color you will use for wall art decor. Avoid applying too many colors that do not get along well with each other. There should be 1 primary color. And the others will work to enhance the main.

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If you are bad at mixing colors, it is better to go with 3 shades of a specific color. After choosing 1 color, get 1 at darker shade and 1 at lighter shade. All these 3 colors will combine to create a neutral palate.

You can apply the rule of 3 for colors. But the way is a little bit different. The primary color may take up 60% of your entire design. You should apply the second color for 30% of the art. 10% for the third color is the most important, as it will work as an accent.

Clever Ways To Incorporate Textures And Prints For Interior Design

Many interior designers apply textures to wall arts using fabrics, wood, stone, canvas prints to add visual effects and physical comfort to the room.

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The way you want to incorporate textures depends on how you want your living space to be. In other words, the interior design canvas wall art is based on your styles.

If you want to create an irresistible combination, you can take advantage of using natural textures. Some common materials you can use are nubby linen and smooth cotton.

If you need to add warmth to your room, cover the wall with supple velour and smooth silk. These materials are soft and durable, creating a smooth backdrop for the entire space.

The best materials you can use to decorate kitchen walls are blending fabrics. With high softness, they will reduce the hardness of other furniture and objects in the room.

For home-gym, you can try using sports prints. Those images definitely will create a lot of motivation and inspiration for you.

Interior Design Wall Art Tips For Limited Space

Experts advise that the distance between the artwork and surrounding objects should be 6 - 8 inches in minimum. Thus, you will have difficulty grouping multiple images and art items together in your small room, as there may not be much space.

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Therefore, if you want to play the rule of 3 or 9, you may consider downsizing the pictures and decoration elements. Another good way is to use large-scale wall decor. A massive canvas print will make your space wider without cutting into any surrounding object.

Besides canvas, you can hang big mirrors on walls. The virtual images inside the mirror will create a significant effect that makes your room look 2-times larger.

In addition, you can try adding a standout pattern on a small area on your room ceiling. This pattern will draw your attention so that your eyes will not notice the small space around.

Let's come back to color! We recommend you choose a dramatic color. The tone should be light and not dark. As you know, dark shades absorb light, thereby making the space a lot smaller. In contrast, light and bright walls are highly reflective that will open your living space.

To maximize the space in the small room, people tend to take advantage of wall space. We agree with their opinion. Try replacing your storage with wall shelves, and you definitely will be amazed by the opened floor areas.

Last Words

A good wall art decor will combine everything in your room, from furniture, lighting, colors, and canvas, to create a lovely living space. There is no limitation for interior wall decorating ideas. You can decorate your walls based on your style.

But make sure that you follow our interior wall art tips. They give an overview of basic requirements you need to fill before developing the design to a higher level. Our tips towards a beautiful balance in the room. Blank space is covered, and limited space is opened.

For further questions, please get in touch with us! We will answer you as soon as possible!

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