Must-Know Tips and Guides for Home Decoration with Digital Prints

Must-Know Tips and Guides for Home Decoration with Digital Prints

For many out there, home decoration with digital prints is a difficult task that can cause you a headache. While working with designers is a good idea, many people want to create stunning rooms with their own creativity. Doing by yourself is not only to save money but also to be able to control the personalization of the themes, colors, and motifs.

So, if you have blank walls and have no idea what to hang or display, here are typical tips for selecting and hanging digital art prints home decor. A simple wall art will add a display of rich colors or intrigue to your rooms.

Select the Colors Based upon Home Furniture

You actually don't need to match your furniture to the actual colors of wall prints. In many cases, you can increase the color palette through canvas prints to add a new and fresh look for what you already have. But the colors must still complement each other in either a secondary or tertiary manner. Meanwhile, varying shades are totally acceptable. 

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In recent years, when it comes to furniture and artwork combinations, the combination of complementary colors and designs is also important. That's why the artwork and furniture should also convey a color motif. It will play on darks, lights, or a combination for an element like the sea or perhaps the sunset. When identifying the room’s purpose, you can easily select its motif.

Choose Print Themes that Match your Tastes

Digital prints nowadays are so popular that you can easily choose from a number of subjects, abstract and nature prints. However, personalized prints are also becoming more and more popular. If you have an especially spectacular photograph or prefer to hang photographs of your loved ones instead of any wall art, personalized prints are a great option for you to do so in a unique way.

Home Decoration with Digital Prints

There are many filters and effects in photo editing software or cell phones available. Therefore, a seemingly bland photo can have a vintage look. It is also adjusted someway to match the space it will be displayed.

Consider the Room’s Function before Selecting a Print.

Not all prints can be hung in every space. For an office, for example, the print images, photos are usually a lot different than the prints for an infant’s nursery. Regarding colors, there are different properties that can have huge psychological effects.

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For instance, while some colors like yellow are calming, others like red are invigorating. That's why yellow colors and prints of natural elements like sunflowers would be appropriate in a nursery. But in a home office, abstract prints in dark blue color would certainly signify professionalism and seriousness. Or if you are a sports fan, sports prints are a great idea. Moreover, sports digital prints are often printed on premium canvas, bringing the amazing emotion.

How You Plan to Use the Prints Decides the Print Type

The following are the main styles of layout choices for digital prints:

  • Gallery Style Image Wrap: Images cover over the sides of the prints
  • Gallery Style Mirror Wrap: Images also cover over the sides of the prints, but the sides mirror the edges of the front panel.
  • Gallery Style Blank Wrap: Image does not cover over the sides of the prints which are white.
  • Gallery Style Black Wrap: The black sides of the prints are larger than in the standard black sides choice.
  • Gallery Style Color Wrap: The sides of the prints are of single colors you choose. But be careful to utilize complementary colors that will be visible to all.

Besides, there are creative layouts for you to hang your prints. For example, you can split one big image up into several smaller prints and hang them side by side. For those layouts, you can see some common terms, like triptychs, diptychs, or mosaics for larger numbers of small prints. You should ask your printer if he doesn't have these options listed. Printers will normally make these customized requests with little or even no extra charge.

Place Your Prints to Present a Room with a Positive Light

How you are decorating with prints depends upon the size of the actual room and the effect you are trying to give. Framing the prints and displaying them on bookshelves, mantles, or window sills will bring the feeling of a complete room. By this way, you can utilize as much horizontal space as possible. 

Hanging arts upon the wall in small groups or by each single piece brings continuity between the waist high and below the eye level or above. It builds a sense of wholeness to the atmosphere of the room. On the other hand, with the little trick of placing art on the floor, tall or larger square pieces can make the actual room look larger.

Try out Unusual Places

You can try to think out of the box when it comes to the home decoration with digital prints. Instead of simply hanging the print on a single wall painted to emphasize its colors or content, unusual places can help to make that art stand out even more.

For example, consider hanging several pieces over an indoor balcony railing. The creativity for digital prints are limitless and you should not hesitate your imagination a bit to create a unique room design.

Use Digital Prints as Symbolism or Tribute to Your Loved Ones

Digital prints can be used as a way to memorialize loved ones who have passed or  the achievements of family members. And for others who are sports lovers, sports digital prints for wall are a great way to retain the memory about their legendary sports players. 

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First of all, you need to choose a studio that will correct your photos' color before you have them printed. Also, they do need to have high volumes of printing, so your photos or personal images will be more likely to be uploaded and immediately printed. There is no worry about making adjustments for their printing equipment.

Pick Prints that You can Hang for Years to Come

While you intend to follow current trends of the home decor digital prints, ensure you will consider images that will stand the test of time. Ask yourselves whether you will like an item in a year or so, if not, don’t choose it. In other words, the right image will not only accomplish the goals you set at the beginning, but can be versatile for years to come. For instance, premium quality canvas prints can last even 100 years or more without fading.

In Conclusion

Digital prints are one of the most popular home decor items. There are various styles and topics for you to easily shop one. You can choose any based on your preferences, but knowing the basic tips can bring you useful ideas and guidelines for your home decoration with digital prints.

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