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Most Appealing Sports Themed Bedroom Ideas 2023

Do you need some excellent sports themed bedroom ideas? We share the best sports concepts in this article. Learn them and start decorating your bedroom now!

Don't let your bedroom look ordinary! Start making it more inspiring with our best sports themed bedroom ideas! Every concept of us follows after a specific type of sport. 

Whether you like football, basketball, tennis, or any other type, you will find the suitable sports themed bedroom decor concept in this article. Scroll down to learn right away!

What You Will Need To Design To Create A Sports Theme

You need to change several things to make sports decor for bedroom.

Bedding And Curtains

We begin by designing your bed and curtains.

It is not hard to find bed covers or curtains that are printed with sports images on the market. You can easily buy items with pictures of your favorite sports team to decorate your bedroom.

If you can't find covers that have your favorite sports prints, don't worry! Each sport has a representative color. For example:

  • Soccer - Football: Green
  • Basketball: Orange
  • Badminton: Blue
  • Skateboard: Pink

It is also good to cover your bed and curtains with the representative color of your favorite sport.

Team Merchandise

If your budget allows, you can consider buying some merchandise from your favorite sports team. 

Team merchandise is various, including pennants, balls, jerseys, basketball hoops, baseball bats, photos of legendary players, trading cards, etc. Hang these items on your wall, and they will make your bedroom more inspiring.

Sports Prints

Hanging sports and canvas prints around the bedroom is also a good idea for decoration. Many trustable stores, Studio Six Arts, for example, provide beautiful prints of athletes, sports, competitions, etc. These prints will add depth to your bedroom and increase your sports enthusiasm.


As mentioned above, every sport comes with a representative color. You can paint your wall with the tone and shade of your favorite sport.

On the other hand, you can buy sports themed wall art paper and cover your bedroom walls.

Another good way is to stick sports decals and stickers on your bedroom walls. Stickers are inexpensive, so you can quickly get them. 

The great thing is, you can replace old stickers with new ones to change bedroom styles over time.

The Most Appealing Sports Themed Bedroom Ideas You Can Refer To

Below are some excellent sports themed bedroom ideas that you may have interest in.

Rustic Tennis Theme

Any fan of tennis can not miss this concept. You design your wall with wooden color and use tennis images, equipment, and merchandise to decorate around the bedroom.

Take advantage of all the sports tools that you already have, such as a tennis ball, rackets, and so on, to hang on your walls. Besides, you can order some beautiful sports prints from Studio Six Arts, such as Rafael Nadal Poster and Canvas, Roger Federer Tennis Print to place on top of your bed.

sports themed bedroom decor

Racing Car Theme

Do you love racing? If yes, you definitely will love this idea.

We design the bed cover with the silver color of the race track. You put on a blanket with racing car pictures. In addition, choose some round-shaped pillows and wrap them in covers with images of wheels.

On top of your bed, you can place beautiful road-map artworks. Studio Six Arts offers multiple options for race map prints, including British GP Circuit, Sochi Autodrom Racing Track, Nürburgring Racing Circuit, and more.

sports decor for bedroom

Basketball Theme

This idea is for any baller who thinks of basketball anywhere, at any time.

You can assemble a basketball hoop opposite the top of the bed. Place a small and soft orange ball on your bed. You can throw the ball into the ring whenever your basketball enthusiasm comes up. Make sure that the ball is soft enough not to break down other furniture in the room.

The primary color of the bedroom should be orange and brown. You can design the bedding with the tone of the basketball court. On the walls, hang some prints and posters of legendary NBA players, Lebron James, Steph Curry, Kobe Bryant, and Michael Jordan.

sports themed wall art

Skateboard Theme

The color basis for a skateboard theme is yellow and pink. Consider combining these 2 tones for your bed, curtains, and walls.

Try constructing some Adirondack chairs from old skateboard decks if you love DIYs. 

Of course, some sports prints framed artworks with pictures of famous skaters will work as highlights for your bedroom.

Hockey Theme

This concept will emphasize your love for hockey.

Blue and white are the 2 representative colors for hockey. Choose 1 tone to paint the wall. The other is for bedding.

Put 2 hockey sticks across each other and stick them on top of your bed. Install some wall shelves on the walls and place hockey equipment (helmet, Stanley cup model, skating shoes, puck) on them.

Don't forget to make your room more inspiring with some canvas prints of famous hockey players like Auston Matthews, Sidney Crosby, Jordan Binnington.

Hockey Theme

Baseball Theme

The perfect color for a baseball-themed bedroom is wooden. Also, you make highlights for your bed by using covers that have the green color of the baseball court.

There are many stickers of baseball team logos. You can buy them and stick them on furniture in your room.

Baseball theme

It is such a miss if you don't hang a jersey or a baseball bat on the wall.

Finally, complete the decoration with posters and prints of MLB players. You can find many unique artworks from Studio Six Arts, such as Ichiro Suzuki Poster, Freddie Freeman Poster, Mookie Betts Canvas, Cody Bellinger Poster, etc.

Last Words

The concepts above definitely will bring a new look to your bedroom. Say goodbye to the ordinary appearance, and hello to a dynamic, inspiring, and enthusiastic style!

Are those sports themed bedroom ideas not enough! You can contact us for more! We still have tons of appealing concepts to highlight your bedroom.

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