1/ Who We Are?

Studio Six Arts is a team of dedicated members passionate about sports and creative prints of all sports games. With this passion and positive energy, we have together created Studio Six Arts. Through that, we can do what we love, as well as share the wonderful energy from sports spirit with everyone in the same interest.

Sports, including talented athletes, are always endless sources of inspiration for us. The historical records made in sports games represent human beings' excellent physical and mental capacity, proving that we can break any limits as long as we have enough practice, patience, and bravery.

At least once in our lives, most of us have ever watched a sports game on TV. And others, with more luck, have gone to the animated stadiums to attend the fierce competition among sports players. And you must still remember the excellent atmosphere there when millions of people hold their breath in front of the deciding moments and burst with joy when their team and players get the goal. 

At the same time, millions of opposite supporters get disappointed together. Talking about sports to sports fans, it is not only a leisure activity but also about emotion and connection.

We are among those people with an immense love for sports and a desire to do something for that. And the most practical and straightforward thing we can do is record and bring memorable sports moments to our real life. 

We hope that not just coming to sports games several times a year, our customers can feel the sports spirit every single day in their own living and working space. And we firmly believe that there are no better ways to do so than sports prints as home decor. Compared to ordinary photographs, art prints work better in bringing emotions to viewers. 

Art prints are basically decor items for someone's space, but they also present the owners' interest and taste. In this case, people having home decorate with sports prints are considered energetic, positive, and always head to better things. Through prints, sports fans can express their love for a sport and a sports player or team in an artistic way. Based on those facts and actual purposes, Studios Six Arts were built from its founders' passion, love, and sharing.

2/ The Artworks

To deliver the most authentic energetic atmosphere of sports games and sports spirit, the art prints must be high-resolution and of the best quality. So the canvas prints are the best choice because of the premium features of the canvas. The prints with eye-catching painting details can become an exciting highlight for your home. And the high-resolution prints can perfectly transfer the glory moments of sports athletics. 

The prints in different options are also offered to serve almost all customers' needs. 

  • Framed Poster: Frame is made from solid wood in black color. It comes with an expensive Protective Styrene/Acrylic sheet similar to the traditional glass. Framed posters are all ready to hang. 
  • Poster Only: Posters are professionally printed on high-quality premium photo paper. The digital prints are unframed but safely rolled and packed in a protective tube. The package will be put in an aesthetic black postal tube.
  • Canvas: Canvas prints are framed or hand-stretched on thick real pine wood. Before dispatch, the products are wrapped with bubbles and placed in a multilayered cardboard box. They are also ready to hang right after you unpack.

Sports prints are the main products of Studio Six Arts, but there are still other items that we want to offer you with more shopping choices. Besides sports prints, there are also music, celebrities, jerseys, and sneakers. All arts are original renditions by our artist and have the same excellent quality as our sports prints.

Other items for your home are drinkware, blankets, masks, mugs, and metal signs. All products are made of high-quality materials as our business philosophy of providing the best quality for every single item. For example, the blankets made with plush fleece that is wrinkle-resistant material, deflects lint and pet hair, will bring an instant touch of coziness to any room in your home.

Our goal is not limited to only a few products but brings you more options to choose from for different references and practical using purposes. We want to grow our business day by day and serve customers even better.

3/ The Values We Bring

Studio Six Arts is dedicated to bringing customers the best selection of sports posters and art prints globally. Our range of hundreds of high-quality sports prints, the framing and mounting services combined with a 100% satisfaction guarantee are the benefits you can get from us. They will ensure that customers can find a selection that is perfectly fit for their home, apartment, or office.

We hope that what we offer will give you another unique option for home or office decors, or simply for sports collections. A sports print is also a great keepsake or a gift, suitable for any wall in your bedroom, game/recreation room, music room, man cave room, and more. These will undoubtedly be exciting gifts for your loved ones and friends, especially if they are sports fans.

Significantly, the price of the products is highly reasonable compared to the current options for home decors or gifts and the premium quality we provide. Moreover, we ship globally to all countries, using trusted express delivery services. 

By that, our customers will not have to wait long to receive their favorite items of the best quality. Also, we have an after-sales support and refund policy to ensure you get the right prints you want. Studio Six Arts always tries its best to bring complete satisfaction to our customers.