How to choose canvas prints sizes for home

How to choose canvas prints sizes for home

Canvas prints come in sizes that give you a range of options in context when it comes to decorating your home. Choosing canvas prints sizes seems easy but knowing which is popular helps you pick more suitable ones.

At Studio Six Arts, we have collected the most preferred sizes by our customers to learn which canvas sizes are dominant for an impressive living space. Read through this article, you will know how to choose sizes for printables and use them in the best ways.

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The most popular canvas prints sizes

11″ x 14″

This size fits perfectly in any scenario whether small or large. Prints of this size usually don’t take away much of the spotlight on the wall, leaving the others the stage to shine.

That’s why, when decorating a large surface, you may want to consider adding some more sub-prints to make a better balance layout. But in a small area, 11″ x 14″ can play the main role in highlighting the surface.

16″ x 20″

If you are thinking about making a center of attention in a small room, this size of print will do that job. It makes an excellent anchor for other secondary prints.

It’s best to hang prints of 16” x 20” on an empty wall to avoid conflict with other concepts.

Please have a look at a layout of 16” x 20” of Max Verstappen conducted by Studio Six Arts.

wall prints Max Verstappen

30” x 40”

A massive canvas print will be the brightest piece wherever it’s mounted. These prints are large enough to stand alone but still able to tell the story. Such large wall prints are usually portraits of the family, prints of your favorite sports players or celebrity. These prints are suggested for above the couch, your bed, or in your book room.

36” x 54”

Prints of 36” x 54” are not the largest but they occupy a significant space on a wall, telling the major concept. Mostly, people display their lovable moments or artistic taste in such large prints.

How to choose canvas sizes for your home

Choosing canvas prints sizes depends a lot on your purpose and space. You can always go creative but do read through some rules to make your layout pleasing to the eyes and any taste.

The general rules

Make sure the wall space is covered by any furniture. In the end, you want the print to show its all properties.

Measure your wall by the width and height then multiply the number by 0.60 and 0.75. You will have a range of canvas sizes which take up about 60-75% of the wall space. Ideally, the canvas should range between 5.4 and 6.75 in height and 3x3.75 feet in width.

sizing canvas prints

Mount your canvas print over furniture. Remember that the print should not exceed the width of the furniture. For example, if you have a couch of 6 feet wide, multiply 6 by 0.66 and 0.75. You’ll have 3.6 feet and 4.5 feet wide in the result and that is the range number of your canvas prints.

also, consider the orientation of the prints. Landscape prints are more suited for a narrow room while verticle prints fit better into a staircase wall.

Big is better

Big canvas can go in a small room but a small print can fit in a large room. The general sizing rule told you that your print should take up to 60% of the wall space. So, you know that large prints will make a better focal point and don’t sink into the appearance of other furniture.

sports canvas prints

But what if you just have smaller pieces? Make a gallery wall.

A gallery wall is a collage of prints arranged in an aesthetic order. You may want to outline, measure the space and order a variety of framed prints. An ideal collection consists of one 36” x 54” or 30” x 40”, followed by one or two 16″ x 20″ and 3 or more 11″ x 14″ depending on the available space.

Go higher

Usually, prints are mounted above furniture and a bit further from your height. A higher position like above the fireplace can be a bit out of reach but you can place the print from 6 – 12 inches above the edge line. Apply the general rule when picking canvas prints sizes for such places.

Horizontal or Vertical

Vertical prints with a thin width usually go in a group. Even if they are large, they should not stand alone because it’s off the layout and makes the wall look imbalanced.

Horizontal prints, on the other hand, are easier to be single. That again takes up to the general rule of thump, picking the size after you measure the wall space.

All in all

When it comes to choosing canvas prints sizes, what matters is the size of your wall. You can apply the general measuring rules first then adjust to the way you prefer.

Hope this article has helped you with choosing the right canvas size. You may visit our store to pick museum-quality canvas prints for the wall. Thank you for reading!

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